I can’t even wrap my mind around the fact that people on this website are crying about Taylor swift’s shake it off video being racist and “sexualizing black women” yet are praising nicki minaj’s anaconda video ………

So when are you deleting…

You’re the only one embarrassing themselves here lol. You told me to delete my blog because I expressed an opinion that you didn’t agree with….. Get real. And you say dumb shit and say this is why you hate white people yet say I’m “ignorant” LOL

No, your opinion is racist and wrong you fucking honky shhhh


How is my opinion racist? I said I don’t understand how one music video that has a slight part of twerking is racist and harmful yet a video of basically all naked black girls isn’t…. But I’m racist ok

You fucking bitch, the girls weren’t naked wtf are you fucking kidding me honky? Nicki Minaj isn’t even sexualizing black women in the video. Taylor Swift is clearly using PoC as props. If you weren’t such a honky, you’d google why it’s wrong. Like clearly the women in the Anaconda video were in control of their sexuality.

Not to mention, your opinion is shaming Nicki Minaj (a black woman) to uplift Taylor Swift. Like apparently, Taylor Swift is being quirky but Nicki Minaj is a slut just for showing confidence, right? The song Anaconda is literally about ass. You’re taking it a bit seriously. Just admit you don’t like black women twerking and showing their bodies and your life will be easier. Plus, you’re white so of course a ignorant mayo stain like you would say this shit :)


I actually love nicki minaj and the song lol. Never said I didn’t like it, I’m just saying if one is bad how is the other not? Black girls are obviously good at twerking which is why they’re in the anaconda video and why they’re in the shake it off video…. Because it’s about professional dancers doing what they do best… Like you sound crazy right now

"Black girls are obviously good at twerking which is why they’re in the anaconda video and why they’re in the shake it off video…."

…bitch did you just realize what you just said? You literally said that they’re in the Shake it Off video because they know how to twerk. You basically just said that they’re just there for twerking. Black girls aren’t fucking twerk toys for basic ass country hicks like Taylor Swift and Miley Cyrus. PLEASE.


THEY ARE THERE FOR TWERKING BECAUSE ITS A STYLE OF DANCE. She had different groups of people each professionally dance while she sadly attempted to do it because it was fun and making fun of herself. One group was twerking so yes they were there for that. But not to be used as “props” in that case I guess the ballerinas and cheerleaders were there for props too?? No they all were there because they’re good at what the PROFESSIONALLY DO.

I’m sure the dancers who weren’t even allowed to show their faces were something other than props.

Their faces are in the video did you even watch it….

You’re fucking 14. Obviously you grow up in an environment that’s teaching you to hate white people, or something I don’t know.
But you are racist. And you are getting angry at white girls. For literally no reason other than their white, and you think white people are wrong no matter what they do.
It’s sad, you’re so young and have such a skewed view on the world.
Hope you grow up and learn that not everything has a racist agenda and you aren’t constantly under attack, which you seem to believe currently. Because living everyday angry about this invisible oppression would be a sad life to live.

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Lily Munster

My love omg perfect
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my last words probably as i'm dying in the arms of my lover
  • Me: *gasping for air* M....m......
  • Lover: M.... mm what?!
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Antifem: The wage gap doesn’t exist!!!!

*shows them stats of wage gap*

Antifem: Women make less because of personal choices, duh!

Wait. So you’re admitting women make less? I thought the wage gap didn’t exist at all? You should all work on…

Wow feminists are even dumber than I thought. They acknowledge the “wage gap” only exists due to women’s career choice… yet still think it’s because of oppression.
Are women held down and forced to become secretaries instead of construction workers?? Oh my. Oppression.

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This is the parlor in Quarters D of Admiral’s Row, a series of Second Empire mansions located on the southwest corner of the Brooklyn Navy Yard.  Unfortunately, scenes like this were used to condemn the century-and-a-half-year-old mansions; they were supposedly evidence of the unsalvageability of the buildings.  But on closer inspection - yes, the paint is peeling, the plaster is falling - but two separate architectural firms declared 9 of the 11 mansions to be sound, level, and plumb.  Once again, the City of New York found an excuse to do away with historic structures in order to help out a developer.  This should come as a surprise to exactly nobody.
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Anonymous asked: what do u think about nicki skinny shaming in anaconda?


I think skinny ppl can turn off her song and open literally any magazine, watch any other video or movie and tv show and see their body types idealized and praised

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Oneonta Gorge, OregonCraig Bill
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Burn Witch Burn!  by A. Merritt c.1932 
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this adorable kimono romper I bought online came in the mail today and I absolutely love it :3💕

It’s not a kimono, please (fashion) educate yourself

it’s a mainstream-ized kimono ^.^ has the elements of a kimono and the elements of casual, mainstream fashion :D which is why I love it! ~ best of both worlds :)

Yes yes, so you told. Don’t ‘:D’ me, this is not a kimono, this does not have a cultural meaning, don’t refer to it as kimono. Thanks.

:D I’m going to call it a kimono if i want to :D free speech baby! also, no person of japanese decent has complained, just white people. lOL. if it has nothing to do with you, chill! you’re getting worked up over nothing. enjoy life and find peace^.^

"if it has nothing to do with you, chill!"Are you kidding me? I’m not the type of person who’s only worried about myself, I’m not that egocentric. It’s not because some people don’t stand up for themselves that others don’t have to either

Luckily, no Japanese women or men are upset though? If they are logical human beings, they’d think “hey it’s cool our culture is being seen as fashionable and people are getting interested”. That’s literally all it is. There’s no negative connotation behind me wearing this or calling it a kimono, when it is in fact a mainstream-ized kimono. ^.^ No actual Japanese people are offended, just you! It’s just you getting worked up over nothing! I’m not only worried about myself other, I care about the people around me, and have thought through “will this offend actual Japanese people? No, i highly doubt it. I’m not being mean to them or their culture, i’m embracing it and liking how there’s fashionable mainstream-ized versions of their beautiful kimonos” :3 only positive vibes coming from me! Maybe take a look at yourself and make the decision to put your time towards something more productive ♡

"I’m not shitting on your culture! I’m embracing it! I’m white! I can do whatever I want! Free speech! Who cares that I don’t know anything about actual Japanese culture! No Japanese I know is upset, only you! But like that doesn’t matter because I’m entitled to wear whatever the fuck I want! Now stop being offended and let me be edgy!" - Piece of Shit otherwise known as fitness-fits-me


She literally just could of said it was a floral romper, why is she so obsessed with saying it’s a kimono? Like???


To be 100% honest white people claiming that only white people are offended by racism or appropriation is the most asinine argument I have heard on tumblr. Yes white girl, continue to speak for me and all other Japanese people on how it’s so fucking honoring for you to call your weird ass romper a kimono. Tell me more about my culture. 
Please un-interest yourself in our fashion. Thank you. 
Edit: AND you tagged it as this?  #me #fashion #kawaii #asian #japanese   this is gross and you are gross

I swear, you all think you’re bringing justice, but you are literally segragationalists. You’re not allowed to wear that because you’re not from that culture. That’s bullshit. Let people wear whatever they want and be quiet. They’re literally not hurting anyone. There’s more important things in the world to be upset over than people wearing something from your culture. Go outside, read a book, do something other than getting offended by everything.

What the fuck is wrong with you people ? A big ass long post just to tell a girl that she can’t wear her cute dress because she mistakenly called it a kimono ?
Shouldn’t you be more worried about Ferguson or the ebola disease or maybe Irak or anything else, but a fucking kimono seriously ? 

So if white girls can’t wear kimonos then I’m going to need all Japanese people to stop wearing jeans, t-shirts, sneakers, and anything with American phrases on them. Kthanxbye

White people need to learn the difference between traditional clothing (kimonos) and t-shirts and jeans (has no traditional significance outside of consumerism). If they knew, they wouldn’t be comparing the two.

*white people*
You do know that the literal meaning of kimono is “a thing to wear” 
You do know that there are everyday kimono, and formal kimono for weddings and funerals?  
Unless you think the yukata they give to people to wear at hot springs hotels are “sacred” too 
Also if you want to whine about cultural appropriation, then no Japanese person has any right to wear a kimono: the only reason the Japanese have it is because they appropriated an early form of kimono from the Han Chinese in the 5th Century.
Lol.  Pick up a history book once in a while you sensationalist crybabies.

She can wear what she wants, but it’s not a kimono

It’s a kimono style romper. That’s literally what it’s called, google kimono romper and you’ll see tons of articles of clothing that look just like this. That was the name when I was searching for it at forever 21, that’s what the store called it, that’s also exactly what it’s based on, a kimono. As I said, it’s a westernized, modernized, mainstream version of the traditional kimono, shortened, casualized, and as a romper. A fucking kimono romper. I also never claimed it was a straight out traditional kimono. I literally never said that. So get your facts straight THANKYOU. 

You’re an imbecile if you think that this girls cute romper is offensive"Cultural appropriation" is the biggest bullshit excuse you guys use to pretend there is this big, bad oppression.Things evolve and things are modernized and used in everyday fashion. That’s life. Get over it.White people aren’t going to stick to plain t-shirts and jeans everyday because anything else may be “appropriating a culture”. Grow up, get the fuck over it, and move back to the origin country of your culture if you have such an issue with integrated countries being inspired by other cultures.PsGirl, keep rocking that romper it’s fucking cute!!
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woods. (by Petrana Sekula)
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